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ClassiQuest Science Study Guides are...


  • Time saving - No hassle with lesson planning; steps and supplies are clearly outlined and thoroughly detailed.
  • Adaptable - Organized on the classical model; suits many teaching methods and approaches.
  • Flexible – room to add controversial topics according to your own philosophy and conscience.
  • Convenient - No scrambling for supplies with optional Lab Kits available at Home Science Tools
  Logic Stage Study Guides  
Available now in Print and Kindle versions!
    Currently In development 
Biology  Astronomy & Geoscience    Chemistry  Physics
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  * Save Time with Optional Lab Notebooks *
  * contain all the forms and diagrams needed for one student *
  * eliminate the need for photocopying *  
 Available now in Print and PDF versions!
   In development 
Biology  Astronomy & Geoscience    Chemistry  Physics
 more information  more information    coming soon  coming soon
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